Mission Package: Customizable for industry Scenarios
Drone OS defined by clients
Open SDK for quick development
Integration with machine learning

Meshkit App for Pilots

Voice ID
Built-in walkie-talkie for team communication
Autonoumous flights
Mission Executed automatically on a tap
Screen Sharing
Live feed sharing with copilots
Gimbal joint-control
Grant camera control for team collaboration

Meshkit Post-flight Data Center

Mission Dashboard
Visualized data on tasks,pilots and devices
Data assets management
Images catergorized aligned with missions
Cloud Processing
Converting images into 3D models without manual hassles
Computer Recognition
Real-time sensing & tracking with deep learning

MeshKit Cloud Service


3D Modeling

Earthwork Measurement


Real-time Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Long-range Remote Control

Drone pilots are able to interact from long range distance,deploy instructions and cooperate on the same mission to reduce overall travel expenses and training overheads
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