Automated Drone Flight and Aerial Data analytics

Mission Package
Drone OS customizable for industry scenarios
Collaborative Workflow
Team interaction and remote controls
Computer Vision
Real time sensing & tracking and 3D reconstruction
Cloud processing to turn aerial insights into results

An Integrated End-To-End Drone Data Solution

An Integrated

End-To-End Drone Data Solution

Intuitive, Linear or circular flight planning as per your requirement and workflow; Synchronized, Data attributed across all mission assets,pilots and devices; Accurate, Centimeter-grade of accuracy for decision making

A Purpose-built Aerial Force for Construction Industries

MeshKit provides capabilities of progress tracking & monitoring, topographic surveys, volumetric results and inspections of structures for possible defects, through pre-, mid- and post-construction aerial data analytics
High Precision Earthwork MeasurementDelivering high efficiency, low cost and reviewable workflow of earthwork measurement
Refined and Automatic CruisingAchieve automation in collecting aerial media data
Full Cycle Hotpoint Photo ShootEmpower marketing and innovation for real estate programs

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