Full-link application of spatial data in the construction process

clear project information efficiently collected by drones, with objective presentation of node progress
Recording and planning
multiple backups of data stored in the cloud, providing a comprehensive basis for information traceability
Automatic adaptation & Smart scheduling
node management and automatic tracking of project schedule
In-depth application of spatio-temporal data
data gathering and analysis for every phase of construction, providing reliable evidence for settlement and time calculation

Achieve refined operation throughout the project

Achieve refined operation

throughout the project

MeshKit Cloud helps realize nationwide project coordination and sharing, improve operation efficiency, and create a 'decision-making brain' for real estate enterprises in daily management.
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End-to-end solution for digital construction

MeshKit Cloud helps improve the development and operation efficiency of the real estate industry with innovative data services
Earthwork lifecycle managementProvide efficient and accurate earthwork cost control for the whole process of construction
Project schedule managementGet a clear control of real-time progress of the project by monitoring the height and floor number of the building and construction history record
Engineering safety inspectionRealize real-time early warning with on-site information collected by drones to avoid project safety risks

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